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Top Pieces Of Advice For Spanish Property Rentals

Spain does indeed represent one of the best places on Earth to spend the entire summer in. Some people even move there for the perks of its sunny and warm climate, relaxed lifestyle, and friendly people. However, apart from this friendliness and slow-living approach, Spain is known to be a nightmare for those who wish to rent a house or an apartment there. This might be true unless you know some of the necessary pieces of advice thereon.

So, in this article, we will pay special attention to hints and tricks which would make your Spanish property rentals hunt easy and effortless. Given the ever-rising demand on the property, sometimes it is rather a challenge to find an option which would be good in terms of price, quality, location, and landlord requirements. With artificially high prices and rather low quality of the majority of apartments, it is still possible to strike the happy medium knowing some extra tips.

How To Successfully Deal Spanish Property Rentals

People who have already completed this journey know that property hunting is a full-time job. Therefore, before you start, make sure you do know your final objective, deadline, and also the amount of effort you can put in. It is possible to find a flat in Spain both in 1 month and in 6 months depending on what you give and how you work on it.

Below is what we suggest you do faster and easier accomplish the objective of renting a property in Spain:

  • use the right sources: especially, if you are new to this whole property hunt thing, it might be more efficient to use the services of the seasoned realtors. There are a few main platforms therefore in Spain including Fotocasa.es, Idealista.com, and Enalquiler.com. Here you will find the largest number of offers as well as the information available in English;
  • be well- prepared to negotiate: given the demand, Spanish landlords have become rather picky in terms of lending. However, it does not mean that you need to agree to everything they require. Firstly, it is your responsibility to learn all the laws and regulations on the issue. Secondly, it is your duty to negotiate the conditions which would also suit your requirements;
  • know your deposit regulations: many landlords may ask you to pay for 6 months as a safety deposit. However, this is not a regulation in Spain. Therefore, be especially careful to what you agree and be sure that you know all your rights;
  • set landlord’s expectations: the landlord is generally responsible for any maintenance resulting from normal wear and tear: an old fridge breaking down after years of service. You, on the other hand, are responsible for any small maintenance costs like painting wall. From the outset, set expectations and state the legal conditions.

All in all, make sure to give it all reasonably and knowing your rights, and the property of your dream will come to you.

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Renting A House In Spain, Finding A Perfect Price-quality Correlation

Spain, located in the southernmost point of Europe and washed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is definitely a dainty bit for many tourists and people with long-term aspirations. Therefore, more and more Germans, Swedes and Britons look for fairly priced and well-located houses to rent in Spain to live during the summer or even for years.

With the growing popularity of Spanish summer holidays, demand on the property market grows. This, results in artificially high prices for quite average conditions in terms of location as well as facilities. However, it does not mean that one cannot find perfect houses to rent in Spain. Impossible is nothing and this is also true for the Spanish property market once you know a few hints and insights.

Hints For House Rentals In Spain

As in many countries around the world, young and unemployed people struggle the most with long-term accommodation search as landlord typically require job contracts among the bunch of other documents. All other age and employment groups typically do not meet any extra difficulties in renting apartments in Spain. Therefore, to be able to have a decent deal on the Spanish property market, one only has to know a few local ways of handling these things.

Here is how to achieve the best price-quality correlation in your hunt on houses to rent in Spain:

  • Be sure to negotiate: when it comes to Spaniards, they can be pretty demanding as landlords. Normally, it has to do with the legislation requiring many documents and confirmations. If you have all the required documents and there is nothing else landlords can be meticulous about, make sure that you do negotiate your rights and freedoms to the fullest extent;  
  • Know where to search: if you are a complete newbie in the question of property, it is always better to outsource this task to realtors. Otherwise, make sure to use the trusted websites and renting platforms like Idealista and Enalquiler. Even these can have scam ads, so keeping an eye on average market price will always help you to avoid these;
  • The Spanish language is a key: it is generally difficult to handle things like renting without proper knowledge of Spanish. All the lending contracts are initially composed in English. Even a translator can overlook some detail and that could cause you trouble. So, being able to communicate in Spanish would always help you to get the best deal.
  • Pay the fair price: always check whether the price includes all possible taxes and additional costs. There are many of those in Spain, so it is always better to make some precautions in advance.

To wrap things up, even all of the mentioned above difficulties shall never stop you from pursuing your aspiration of having a vacay house in Spain. It is indeed possible to get a decent deal in terms of price and quality by simply being well-aware of the market situation and having a decent knowledge of the Spanish language.

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