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How To Rent Apartment In Spain For Long-term Period

There is nothing better than spending the whole summer holidays on the shores of the Mediterranean sea in Spain. Whether you are a freelance artist or a retired nature lover, spending rather long periods of time in Spain will always be a good option. However, to be able to do so, one has to find an appropriate long-term rental in Spain. This can come with a bit of a struggle, though, unless you know a few necessary tips and tricks.

Guide To Spain Long Term Rentals

Given the ever-growing demand on the Spain long term rentals, it is rather hard to find a perfect price-quality correlation with the reasonable requirements from the side of the landlord. However, impossible is nothing and it is all the matter of time and effort. To make your hunt for long-term rentals in Spain easier and more effortless, we have prepared a few pieces of advice thereon.

Here is how to get a good deal in Spain long term rentals:

  • profound reason to stay in Spain for long period of time: if you are intending to rent property in Spain for rather long periods of time other than in holidays season, you have to confirm your ability to pay for rent in the long-term via a bank account statement or an employment confirmation. Landlords require these financial confirmations for own safety purposes only;  
  • search on the trusted websites: as in any other country, there is a number of exclusively Spanish providers of platforms for property rentals and you should be aware of those. You can try to look for an offer on the websites like Idealista, Enalquiler, and Fotocasa as they usually provide the fairest deals;
  • use the long-term rental advantages: for instance, you will normally have to pay one months rent for unfurnished properties and two months rent for furnished properties in Spain long term rentals. Whereas in short-term contracts people may be obliged to pay for the whole period of stay;
  • get along with your landlord: in Spain, personal relations always come first. Thus, it is very important to find your way to communicate with a landlord to ensure that your long-term, rental relations can also be long-term personal relations.

To wrap things up, to be able to arrange a long-term apartment in the country of sun, Iberian ham, and Sangria it is necessary to know all the rules and regulations on the property market, get along with the landlord and be ready to invest time in property hunt.  

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